Megyn Kelly’s “Sheer Speed” to FNC Stardom

By SteveK Comment

The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz profiles FNC’s Megyn Kelly today, writing that the anchor is, “causing quite the buzz,” in the mix of the “highly opinionated men” who “make up most of the stars” at Fox News.

Kelly is now the co-anchor of both America’s Newsroom and America’s Election HQ with Bill Hemmer, and her chemistry with Hemmer has helped the shows. “There is a chemistry that’s required, this Fred-and-Ginger dance you have to perform every day on the fly,” said Hemmer.

The FNC anchor started in Washington, D.C. with the network, partially thanks to D.C. managing editor Brit Hume, who saw her original tape. “Here is this woman who was strikingly attractive but has tremendous air presence and a very strong voice,” he said. “We were knocked out. It was screamingly obvious that this was someone with tremendous potential.”

Kelly, who was recently married, describes her style of anchoring with a personal touch. “I don’t love talking about my personal life, but you try to stay connected with your audience,” she said. “We try not to be these little automatons who sit there and read the news.”