Lost Luggage on the way to the VP Debate for both Megyn Kelly and Shepard Smith

By Chris Ariens Comment

Megyn Kelly was anchoring her show from Danville, KY in a shirt she bought at the local Walmart. That’s because Delta decided her bag should spend the night in Detroit, instead of making it through to Kentucky. But that’s not all, Shepard Smith’s bag also missed the flight to Kentucky, but Smith was able to get his luggage before “Studio B” this afternoon.

“You should see the beautiful $12 I got you from Walmart out of the goodness of my heart,” said Kelly, who’d picked up the shirt after hearing Shep’s bag was mia at DTW.

Smith jumped in: “I’m told that some of your stuff came on Hannity’s jet last night.”

“A backup was provided to us by team Hannity,” said Kelly, who needs the extra wardrobe for her primetime co-hosting gig with Bret Baier, whose luggage did arrive, we hear.