Liz MacDonald and Poodles Volunteer in Community

By kevin Comment

liz_macdonald.jpgA new NY Daily News profile of Fox Business Network’s Liz Macdonald presents another side of the FBN stocks editor that we don’t always have the chance to see: kind-hearted volunteer. Also, she’s pretty pretty. For example, here she explains the time she accidentally high-fived Mother Teresa:

“It was the most humiliating thing I’ve ever done in my life. And then I realized what I did and I grabbed her hand and raised it, like London Bridge looking at her, if you know the game London Bridge, with me as London Bridge. The nuns are looking at me like, ‘Who let this American lunatic in the door?'”

In addition to socially awkward moments with probable future saints, we also learn about the humanitarian work MacDonald has done in her own community: bringing her two poodles, both trained therapy dogs, to nursing homes and hospices to engage with patients.

“What really touches me is that you go into these nursing homes, and a lot of the elderly have been left behind. No one is coming to visit them. I don’t like to see people lonely. It’s heartbreaking.”

The article hasn’t been posted online, but you can download a PDF of it here.