Listen: John Quiñones on the Return of ‘What Would You Do?’

By kevin Comment

quinones_5-7.jpgOn today’s Morning Media Menu, ABC News’ John Quiñones talks with us about his “Primetime” series “What Would You Do?” which returns to the air tonight on ABC at 9pmET.

A “candid-camera with an ethical twist,” the show manufacturers interesting moral dilemmas using actors mixed with random passerby to see how they react. Quiñones tells us, “Sometimes people are amused, sometimes they’re shocked and angry, but in the end we’re always encouraged by how ordinary people who don’t know they’re on hidden camera react when they see something that seems unfair or out of whack.”

Having started at ABC News in 1982, he also told us a bit about the changes the network has gone through including the recent staff buyouts. He says, “It’s been a really tough time, there’s no getting around it…but the whole business has changed. We can’t cover the news the way we used to.”

The show was hosted by AgencySpy editor Matt Van Hoven and TVNewser editor Kevin Allocca. You can listen to all the past podcasts archived at or download episodes for free on iTunes.

After the jump, see clips from the new season of “What Would You Do?”