Lara Logan, Still Haunted by Sexual Assault, is Resolute: ‘Life is Not About Dwelling on the Bad’

By Chris Ariens Comment

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan was walking through Cairo’s Tahrir Square last February reporting on the aftermath of the revolution when an angry crowd of men gathered around and sexually assaulted her. Nearly a year later, she’s still haunted by the attack.

“There’s something called latent PTSD. It manifests itself in different ways,” Logan tells the Daily News‘s Richard Huff. “I want to be free of it, but I’m not.”

“Your family is critical,” said the married mother of two. “You can’t do it alone. My husband is a great support. He understands, he doesn’t hide from it, from what happened. He knows everything, more than anyone, what they did to me.”

“When I’m lying there, waiting for my daughter to go to sleep, I have time to think about things. Those can be dark moments. You ranger through, you have to. You’re aware of how much you have and it’s so much more than what you’ve lost. You have a responsibility. Life is not about dwelling on the bad.”

“She, really, in many ways should not have survived that attack,” CBS News chairman Jeff Fager says. “I was looking at it from the worst-case scenario. When you heard her describe it, it seemed that way. I was concerned with her health and would she come back.”