Lara Logan on Her Unique Career Path

By kevin Comment

lara_logan.jpgTVWeek has a Q&A with CBS News chief foreign affairs correspondent Lara Logan. In the diverse interview, Logan answers questions on a handful of topics including the benefits of journalism school (or lack thereof) and how having a child has changed her perspective on world events. Having taken quite the roundabout path to her current role—Logan put in stints doing everything from TV to writing to radio—she also discusses what drove the unconventional path she first embarked on as a young woman in South Africa:

And beyond all that is the fact that this was never about a job or a career for me, or “being on TV.” It was what I believed in — it was who I am. I became a journalist because of what I saw or could not see in South Africa. Because we all believed something had to be done to make things right in my country, and letting the world know the truth was the way to do that.