Kerry Sanders Reports Back from the North Atlantic

By kevin Comment

sanders_8-30.jpgNBC Miami-based correspondent Kerry Sanders was dispatched last week to a boat in the North Atlantic Ocean where scientists are scanning the entire Titanic debris field in high definition with 3D cameras.

“The Titanic is a captivating story,” Sanders tells TVNewser via email from aboard his ship. “It’s clear the tragedy is something people are drawn to. I’m enjoying the geeky aspect of this 3D HD technology too.”

For the story, Sanders has done over 48 live shots for NBC and MSNBC as well as The Weather Channel and Telemundo with few glitches. While just a few years ago that would have been a difficult proposition, technology has caught up. “I used to dream of reporting live from obscure places and now it almost seems routine,” he said. “We have an engineer here who spent 3 days wiring the ship to feed a live signal and set up a wireless system so the camera can wander to any spot on the ship (inside and out).”

With storms brewing in the tropics, we wondered if there was any concern about hurricanes swinging their direction. “We have our eyes on the 3D imaging heading down to titanic as well as on the weather radar loop,” he told us. “I’ve covered just about every hurricane since 1982… but never one at sea. Our captain was at sea during the perfect storm. He promises me we will not be in the path of those approaching storms.”

We had just one more question:

Has anyone forced you to swab the deck?

I thought you hit play-record on a deck. What’s this swab a deck thing?!?