Kent Brockman’s Mockful Journey Through ‘Cable News Alley’

By Jordan Chariton Comment

Fox’s “The Simpsons” poked fun at the cable news landscape in last night’s episode. A scene features local anchorman Kent Brockman heading to Fox News in New York City. As he get’s off the subway into “cable news alley,” he sees the Fox News ticker, reporting dinosaurs are dying from over taxation.

Simpsons skewers Fox News

Brockman then turns his eyes toward MSNBC’s headquarters, with a childish slogan draped over their building:

Simpsons skewere MSNBC

Next the camera pans to CNN’s studio, with a marquee you wouldn’t normally associate with the self-proclaimed most trusted name in news:

Simpsons Skewer CNN

Last, but certainly not least, the acclaimed animated series teases print journalism, asking a street vendor if he sells the New York Times. The vendor’s response: “Sir, we are the New York Times.”

Simpsons skewers NY Times

There was also another TV host featured in this episode, a real one. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow makes a cameo that is highlighted by a conversation she has with Brokman. WATCH:

So, which network did “The Simpson’s” get the ultimate best of? WATCH: