John Roberts: Untied

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roberts_11-21.JPGJohn Roberts decision to go tie-less during yesterday’s American Morning has generated a lot of viewer emails, much of which was read on the air today. CNN correspondent Lola Ogunnaike weighed in with a report on whether the look is a fashion statement of fashion faux pas (we’re looking for video).

So what was behind the decision? Roberts tells TVNewser:

I first did it 4 years ago for one segment during the summer on the CBS Evening News. It actually made the front page of the Wall Street Journal. I also did it once last year on American Morning. It just felt right to do it the last couple of days. I felt like ‘going rogue’ a little bit and mixing things up. Will I do it every day? Probably not — it will most likely depend on the flow of news and how I feel.

I’m amazed at the reaction that it has provoked. The majority of people who have e-mailed love it — many men find it liberating and are following my lead. Some people don’t like it at all, but as it’s a morning show, I think there’s a lot of latitude to change things up a bit.

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