Is ABC News Hogging White House Dinner Guests?

By Chris Ariens Comment

Stephanopoulos_4.30.jpgThe Hill reports on next weekend’s White House Correspondents Association Dinner – the party of the year where the media elite, politicos and Hollywood stars come together.

But, The Hill reports, “news outlets are grumbling” about ABC’s guest list. “Several people pointed to ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos’s close friendship with [Obama Chief of Staff Rahm] Emanuel, and questioned how the network got so many big names.” Those names include Emanuel, adviser Valerie Jarrett, CIA Director Leon Panetta and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.

Rice was an easy get. Her husband is the Executive Producer of Stephanopoulos’ Sunday show.

But ABC says its other stars including Terry Moran and Jake Tapper booked many of the Obama staffers while Stephanopoulos was only involved in securing one guest…

The guest: Jon Bon Jovi. Says an ABC News spokeswoman, “To quote the singer, we weren’t exactly ‘livin’ on a prayer’ booking guests. We started earlier, worked harder, and these are the results.”

As for other celebs, TVNewser hears Jen & Ben (that would be Garner and Affleck) who were guests of ABC last year, will be at the CBS News table this year.

FBDC.gif• By the way our two fishies in DC, Matt and Christine, will be all over the WHCA this year – from the brunches to the cocktail parties to the dinner and the late night events. Look for coverage on FishbowlDC and TVNewser next weekend, May 9-10. And follow @fishbowldc for Twitter updates throughout the event.