“If You Offered Joran $10,000 Tomorrow And Asked Him To Tell You a Fifth Story, He’ll Do It”

By SteveK Comment

greta_11-26.jpgFNC’s Greta Van Susteren and TV lawyer mainstay Joe Tacopina got into a heated exchange last night in the wake of Van Susteren’s interview with Tacopina’s client Joran van der Sloot.

During Monday’s On the Record, van der Sloot had a new story about what happened to Natalee Holloway: he sold her to human traffickers and even produced a recording of phone conversations backing up the claim. Van Susteren went on to report that eight hours after the interview, which actually took place in July, van der Sloot called her and told her it was all a lie.

“You paid him for a tape that he made and wound up getting an hour interview with him,” said Tacopina. “Great TV, great ratings…If you offered Joran $10,000 tomorrow and asked him to tell you a fifth story, he’ll do it. Clearly, he’s a sick kid.”

Van Susteren said the network did pay a licensing fee for the tape, and said the reason they waited more than four months to air the interview was they were corroborating some of the names mentioned, and, “Then we went into, what you may have noticed was a presidential election, so we’ve been busy doing that.”

During TVNewser’s live chat with Van Susteren at the DNC in August, she said, “I have something coming up on Natalee Holloway and don’t ask me anymore since I won’t tell you.”

The van der Sloot interview has gotten a lot of reaction on Gretawire, from commenters and the host herself.

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