Huckabee: “Katie Couric Was Extraordinarily Gentle” on Palin

By SteveK Comment

huckabee_1-13.jpgFNC host Mike Huckabee is profiled in this month’s Esquire magazine by A.J. Jacobs, who follows the former presidential candidate through book tours, public appearances and his Fox News show.

“He’s the most likable politician I’ve ever met,” writes Jacobs. “Here he is, one of the most conservative voices in a couple of decades…And yet, when you’re with him, he’s so damn folksy and kind and self-deprecating that the liberal media (i.e., me) just want to hug him.”

Speaking of that “liberal media,” Huckabee defends Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric over charges they were unfair to Gov. Sarah Palin. “I must say I did not think that either the Charlie Gibson interview or the Katie Couric interviews were unfair,” says Huckabee. “In fact, if anything, Katie Couric was extraordinarily gentle, even helpful. [Palin] just…I don’t know what happened. I can’t explain it. It was not a good interview. I’m being charitable.”

Click continued to see why Huckabee thinks it’s more effective to let his liberal guests talk without interruption on his FNC show…

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He’s respectful of them and rarely interrupts.

“My view was that letting Bill Maher talk did more to advance my argument than I would have done by arguing with him,” Huckabee says. “He said people who are spiritual have a neurological disorder. And I said, Okay, let’s take that where it would go. Are Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King, in your view, mentally ill? Well, he had already put himself in that box, so he basically had to say yes, and I didn’t argue with him because I thought, Bill Maher has just alienated 99.99 percent of the world’s population.”