Howard Stern Booked For Piers Morgan’s Show, Says No One Will Want to Watch It

By Alex Weprin Comment

Legendary shock jock Howard Stern said on his Sirius/XM radio program this morning that he would be one of the first guests on Piers Morgan’s upcoming CNN show “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

Presumably CNN was waiting to announce the first guests until closer to the show’s premiere, but embargoes have never stopped Stern before.

Stern also said that he probably wasn’t supposed to talk about the appearance, but in his typically modest fashion explained that he didn’t care because “no one will watch it” anyway.

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Howard said he scheduled an interview with ”someone” but they wanted to announce it themselves. He said that it is Piers Morgan and f— it… he’s going to talk about it. Howard said he’s supposed to have a press conference about it and they wanted to announce it themselves. Howard said he’s not sure why it’s a big secret. He said no one is going to watch it anyway.

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