How the Cablers Have Covered (or Not Covered) the Edwards Story

By SteveK Comment

baiertv_8-4.JPGSince the John Edwards National Enquirer story broke more than a week ago, the cablers have largely ignored it.

There are various theories as to why that’s the case. But as time goes on, producers are finding creative ways to work the story in.

Fox News Channel has covered the story the most, although still only four times. Hannity & Colmes aired a segment on the story July 25, the day advanced the details first reported in the Enquirer. Bill O’Reilly mentioned the story on Thursday’s show, saying, “The Factor’s trying to decide exactly how to cover the story responsibly, and it is not easy,” before playing a Jay Leno clip.

Then, during Friday’s Special Report, Bret Baier reported a different angle to the story, about the Charlotte Observer obtaining the birth certificate of the child in question.

MSNBC used a late night talk show to bring up the story as well. Its only two mentions came on Thursday by playing part of a David Letterman’s Top 10 list, in which the top answer to “Signs Barack Obama is Overconfident,” was: “Been cruising for chicks with John Edwards.”

CNN has not covered the story yet.

Click continued to see the Fox News Watch panel discuss the reason for lack of coverage…