How Lisa Kennedy Montgomery Became Friends With John Stossel

By Merrill Knox Comment

Lisa Kennedy MontgomeryThe Daily Beast profiles Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, who will debut her new Fox Business show, “The Independents,” tonight in primetime. Kennedy talks about the beginnings of her friendship with fellow FBN anchor John Stossel:

The Independents will air Monday through Wednesday and Friday, with Thursday’s 9 p.m. slot reserved for the weekly program Stossel, anchored by libertarian journalist John Stossel, who served as a mentor and helped recruit Kennedy to the six-year-old network. “She’s a libertarian and I love that—there aren’t many libertarians on TV,” Stossel says, adding that Kennedy “is much more of a performer than I am. She lights up the screen.”

Some of their bonding occurred in the middle of a beach volleyball clinic that Stossel ran during a Reason weekend retreat in Puerto Rico. “He was in volleyball shorts and shirtless, and the man is in better shape than most 20-year-olds I know,” Kennedy says of the 66-year-old Stossel, who had been using her as a special correspondent since the summer of 2012. “He’s a really meticulous person, and his libertarian views evolved over time. I think when you start out as a liberal and you come to be a libertarian, you tend to be really forgiving of other people’s political evolution, and you realize that people can change and come into their own. Libertarians can be loners. A lot of us can feel like misfits.”