Has The Media Been Unfair to Sarah Palin?

By SteveK Comment

Days before Gov. Sarah Palin sits down for her first big interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson, we put the issue of press fairness to a poll. But first, some notes.

• According to a Rasmussen poll out last week, 51% of voters think, “reporters are trying to hurt Sarah Palin with their news coverage.” The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz was “critical of the media’s performance,” including many who took, “cheap shots,” at the GOP VP nominee. Of course, some think the media’s coverage has been completely fair.

• Then there’s the issue of internet rumors. Newsweek published a fact check, taking on Soledad O’Brien’s assertion that Gov. Palin cut 62% of the funding for special needs education. The story proved to be a false. But O’Brien was not the only one to report it as fact — it was brought up last night during the Lou Dobbs Independent Convention, which TVNewser attended (more on that later). Also on CNN, during Sunday’s Reliable Sources, correspondent Lola Ogunnaike was making a point about a bikini-wearing, gun-toting Palin — an image that was photoshopped.

• Then there’s this video sent by an emailer yesterday, of Donny Deutsch putting on his advertising exec hat while dissecting the Palin choice. Duetsch was making the point that some Palin supporters are concluding, “‘I want her laying in bed next to me.'”

Check it out:

So, what do you think?

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