Has David Gregory Anchored His Final Today Show?

By Chris Ariens Comment

Gregory_12.5.jpgNBC’s David Gregory anchored the Today show today, which must be somewhat of a distraction considering what his Sunday is expected to be like. In the 7:30amET half hour Gregory was anchoring a segment with Dr. Nancy Snyderman titled “Does your happiness depend on others?”

One conclusion: there is no happiness ‘bump’ at work. “This is a competitive world we live in. So, you don’t get that same happiness bump,” said Snyderman. At the end of the segment Gregory said, “I don’t care what they say, I’m always happier when I see you.” Snyderman shot back, “And you know what? I’m endorsing you.” Update: The Today show tells us Snyderman actually said “adoring” not “endorsing.”

The final exchange on MSNBC’s Morning Joe was less subtle:

Joe: And of course, if it’s Sunday it’s Meet the Press. And this Sunday…

Mika: Huge. Big news.

Joe: This is a show you’ll want to watch. It’s a show about change, a show about transitions. And of course the show about Barack Obama. Exciting.

Willie: Very exciting.

If Gregory is chosen, as expected, as the next moderator of Meet the Press, we wonder if he’ll still fill in on the Today show to anchor such segments as “Wacky Sales Tactics” to sell your home, which he did this morning. It included a discussion of “smudging.” Don’t expect to hear a lot of talk about smudging on Meet the Press.