Hansen Previews Upcoming Financial Special on the “Menu”

By SteveK Comment

hansen_3-19.jpgDateline NBC correspondent Chris Hansen joined us today on the mediabistro.com Morning Media Menu to talk about his upcoming Dateline investigative series, “Inside the Financial Fiasco.” The first in the three-part series airs Sunday at 7pm on NBC.

“We talk to industry insiders who’ve never spoken publicly before, who take us inside these mortgage companies,” he says. “The fraud, the kinds of things that were going on in these retail mortgage outlets was absolutely stunning.”

We asked Hansen about the iconic “To Catch a Predator,” which he says may return in the future. “I think it was important, it raised awareness it created a dialogue that didn’t exist before,” says Hansen. “It reminded us that enterprise reporting, and impact reporting, using hidden cameras and that sort of thing, is really important and gets people’s attention in a good way. But I think it was time to take a look at other very important topics.”

Also discussed: President Bush’s upcoming book, TMZ giving politicians the Paris Hilton treatment and the reason he started blogging and tweeting.

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