Greta Van Susteren Feels Bad About Her Stalker’s Death

By Merrill Knox Comment

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren took to Gretawire this morning to write about her experience with a stalker while she was practicing law in the 1980s. The “On the Record” anchor described her stalker, Randy, as a “really, really weird” person whose “strange behavior scared everyone.”

Van Susteren recently tried to find a picture of Randy for FNC colleague Shannon Bream and got some surprising news from her Google search:

My stalker died …. and on Christmas Day.  Strangely, I felt bad.  He had followed me for so many years that I felt I knew him quite well.  Over the years and years of him stalking me, I spoke to his family about trying to get him to stop…his Mother was very sweet to me and understood why I was distressed by the situation….the US Attorney’s Office in DC arrested him one time and held him overnight (I always thought they did it because they thought it would look bad if I – a defense lawyer –  were found murdered and floating in the Potomac River when they were aware of the problem and had done zero)…I tried everything to get rid of him …I was nice to him to get rid of him…mean to him to get rid of him…ignored him etc.  Nothing worked.  He was fixated.   It was really weird — every place I would go, he would be there…with me.  He could find me.

Randy the Stalker eventually dropped Van Susteren for “a younger and prettier woman,” she writes.

Frankly, after years of him stalking me and not doing anything, I had no fear of Randy.  I was used to him.  He was really weird….and a pest…but after years of him stalking me, and just being a pest, I had no fear.