Global Warming “Debate Continues” On FNC

By Brian 

From A Q&A with Al Gore:

  Q: With the movie and the slide show, are you just preaching to the converted or have you been able to actually win a few people over to your side?

A: Roger Ailes, president of the Fox News Channel, went to the slide show and then instructed Fox News to make an hourlong special that global warming is real and we have to do something about it.

Then their talking heads went back to the old scripts. But that’s the way organizations change, in fits and starts.

The resulting special, “The Heat Is On,” aired in November. This weekend, FNC is airing another special. “Last November’s documentary on global warming gave a platform to those who believe that the effects of global warming are catastrophic and the causes largely man-made,” FNC’s David Asman blogs. “Now, FOX is again ahead of the curve, presenting another side to the issue with ‘Global Warming: The Debate Continues.’ Our first special featured folks who fear the worst from global warming. But global warming is far too complex an issue to be viewed from just one side. This time, we speak with scientists who are skeptical of what they view as alarmist fears about climate change.”

It airs Sunday at 10 p.m. and 1 a.m…