Glenn Beck v. Rush Limbaugh

By Chris Ariens Comment

If you’re not Beck-ed out, here’s Michael Calderone‘s take on the one man who may fear Beck even more than Pres. Obama — Rush Limbaugh.

While Limbaugh once had a television show – produced by Roger Ailes, now Fox News president [actually, he’s founder and chairman, but we digress] – he never enjoyed half the success in that medium that Beck has now. Beck’s nightly show on Fox News completely dominates the competition, drawing more than a million viewers more than any other prime-time show on MSNBC or CNN.

And Beck is using the power of his show in ways that Limbaugh never has.

“Beck is playing more of a rallying role than Limbaugh has or is,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “Rush is more broad-brush, longer-range in approach, and Beck’s gotten specific,” Norquist added. “Here’s an appointee. Here’s the czars.”

The opposition has clearly taken note. Six months ago, Democratic Party leaders made a concerted effort to portray Limbaugh as the de facto leader of the Republican Party. This week, the Democratic National Committee accused Republicans of “carrying out the marching orders of Glenn Beck and other right wing propagandists.”