Gibson on Tapper: “He’s One of the Hungriest Reporters I’ve Run Across”

By SteveK Comment

tapper_3-2.jpgThe Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz profiles ABC News’ “hard-charging” White House correspondent, Jake Tapper.

Tapper gets high praise from some other tvnewsers in the profile. “He’s not one of the wussy, blow-dried TV reporters,” says Tucker Carlson, a longtime friend. “He’s definitely savvy and aggressive, in a good way. He’s tough enough to handle network politics.”

And ABC’s Charlie Gibson says: “He’s one of the hungriest reporters I’ve run across.”

Tapper, who says he gets “a lot of heat from the left, which is bizarre,” talked about press bias in the lead up to the presidential election. “Certain networks, newspapers and magazines leaned on the scales a little bit,” he says.

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