Gas Price Hike, During a ‘World News’ Live Report About Gas Price Hikes

By Chris Ariens Comment

Considering the rate gas prices are going up, we suppose this was bound to happen. On “World News with Diane Sawyer” tonight the lead was the rise in gas prices which, at one Los Angeles station happened during correspondent Cecilia Vega’s liveshot. As Vega introduced her story, the price of regular unleaded at the station behind her was $4.99 — but when the story concluded nearly two minutes later the price jumped 10 cents to $5.09 a gallon. “It is almost too unbelievable to believe,” said Vega to Sawyer.

And before you think Vega or her producers had somehow timed the hike for the liveshot, a “World News” insider tells us the only conversation anyone from Vega’s team had with the station clerk was to ask for permission to park on the property. And since it was 3:30pm in LA when the liveshot occurred, the gas station attendant wouldn’t have been watching “World News.”

Video after the jump…

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