Garrett Q&A from Poolside Guadalajara

By kevin Comment

Fox News Senior White House Correspondent Major Garrett was in Guadalajara for the brief North American Leaders Summit this week, but he took the time to do “an experiment, the first ever Q&A. It started on twitter, went to our website and our blog from the White House.” In a 5-minute video, Garrett answered a handful of questions that had been tweeted or posted as comments.

Topics ranged from the border fence to Nancy Pelosi to health care to the free surgical masks and tequila being handed out. After answering the submissions in rapid sequence, Garrett concluded with, “If you dug this experiment, we’ll try to do it again. It’s not going to be a daily thing. Now, I’m going to go to my room to privately strain my tequila through my surgical mask. I’m out of here.”

Video autoplays after the jump.

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