Fox News Airing a Look Back at Geraldo’s Greatest Hits

By Alex Weprin Comment

geraldo_rivera090310.jpgTonight at 10 PM, Fox News Channel will air a special looking back at the long and storied career of Geraldo Rivera.

Rivera spoke to the Washington Examiner about the program, where he revealed some of his proudest moments, and one memorable, but not so proud one:

He shared with us his biggest TV cringe moment: “Al Capone’s vaults. That allowed me to be the fodder of whole generations worth of late night comics,” he said.

He also recalled some of the more favorable moments of his career: “I’m the only man ever to appear on both the covers of Playgirl and Newsweek,” he said.

Its OK Geraldo, there is always Lucky Luciano’s vault.

After the jump, Geraldo’s video message to fans.