FNC’s John Gibson Responds to Doctored Clip

By Chris Ariens Comment

Yesterday we posted a Fox News clip involving several references to a “bright blue scrotum.” The nature of our story was how anchors Julie Banderas and Harris Faulkner got through the story. What we didn’t realize at the time is that the very end of the clip includes an exchange with Trace Gallagher and John Gibson. And that portion was doctored to put words in John Gibson’s mouth that he did not say.

The Huffington Post, which picked up the clip from us got hundreds of comments on their version of the story which focused on that part of the clip.

HuffPo has issued a full correction:

The video was doctored to include Trace Gallagher’s voice saying, “bright blue scrotum” where Gibson played Holder’s ‘nation of cowards’ remark. The Huffington Post does not know the source of the video’s doctoring — it was picked up off TVNewser…The Huffington Post regrets the error.

We don’t know either. It came from YouTube user “john13210” and arrived in the anonymous tip box. We regret the error as well. The clip has since been removed from YouTube.

Gibson tells TVNewser, “The Huffington Post, in its zeal to slime me, went over the line and posted a phony, fabricated quote, attributed it to me, and which actually constitutes a lie, and a slander. The Huffington Post plays fast and loose on a regular basis, but this time it was caught in an out and out fabricated falsehood.”

Here is the undoctored end of the original clip (via J$):