FNCers Kidnapped In Gaza: Net Breaks Silence; Hume & Smith Update Viewers

By Brian 

fncaug16.jpgFox News Channel has stayed virtually silent about the kidnapping of Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig since it occurred Monday evening. It mentioned the situation just once yesterday, with a short update on the Fox Report. The self-imposed silent streak ended tonight on Special Report, when Brit Hume read this long voiceover:

“Two days after our Fox News colleagues, national correspondent Steve Centanni and freelance cameraman Olaf Wiig, a New Zealander, were kidnapped in Gaza, we still have no word on their whereabouts or condition. Steve and Olaf were taken at gunpoint from their vehicle near the Palestinian security headquarters on Monday. No one has claimed responsibility. In fact, known militant groups in the area have specifically disclaimed responsibility and no demands have been made in exchange for their release,” Hume said, emphasizing the no’s. “Palestinians have set up roadblocks in Gaza and are searching cars in order to find the newsmen or their captors. Palestinian authorities say they are focusing their efforts to find the two hostages in Gaza City. New Zealand’s ambassador in the region met today with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the situation and Fox News Middle East correspondent Jennifer Griffin and bureau chief Eli Fastman have been working with Palestinian authorities in Gaza in an ongoing effort to find the two men. And the Organization Of The Islamic Conference headquartered in Saudi Arabia has condemned the kidnapping, saying it does not serve the national interest of the Palestinian people, and called for the immediate release of Steve and Olaf.”

Shep Smith read the exact same script one hour later. And a shorter version of the information was the first item on Harris Faulkner‘s news update during The O’Reilly Factor…