FNC Exec. Fires Back at Olbermann

By Chris Ariens Comment

Olbermann_8.27.jpgTVNewser told you about last night’s uncomfortable MSNBC moment which included a shot at Fox News. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews were talking about the characterization of Hillary Clinton as “some victim of foul play.”

Matthews commented, “Fox News, for example, seems to enjoy it. No accident they hired Howard Wolfson, used him in some sort of little toy soldier waiting on the shelf.”

“Tokyo Rose was the thought that came to my mind,” added Olbermann.

Politico reports FNC’s John Moody, EVP for news editorial, fired back today and managed to take a shot at John Edwards, too.

Keith is too important to be constrained (restrained might be a different matter) by facts. He is the heir to Huntley, to Brinkley, to Chancellor, to Brokaw. (Sorry, NBC). Keith thinks Democrats shouldn’t deign to appear on FOX. That’s the same philosophy that served John Edwards so well when he was an active candidate (among other things). Like Sen. Edwards, Keith is a non-factor now that the real decisions have been made. And like Tokyo Rose, he is a fictional conflation.

> More: Wolfson on FNC today went after Matthews and Olbermann, by name: “I think it’s unfortunate that a news organization with a great tradition like NBC has been taken over by those kind of antics.” The clip, via Johnny Dollar after the jump…

> Update: Olbermann responds: “John Moody is a hysterical, doctrinaire, Right Wing hack propagandist, who conveniently forgets that when he thought I shared his allegiance to his dark view of the world, tried to hire me for Fox News. As for Mr. Wolfson, I feel very sorry for the choices he made that led him to his sad state.”

> Update, Update: An FNC executive tells TVNewser that “when Olbermann was out of work, he reached out to Moody and they had several cordial, professional conversations. But Moody never tried to hire him and an offer was never made…keep in mind, Olbermann was fired by corporate cousin FOX Sports…no chance he would get a job at FNC. Would NBC News hire someone just fired from NBC Sports?”