FCC Calls Time Out (Again) On Comcast-NBCU Deal

By Alex Weprin Comment

The FCC has stopped the clock on its review of the proposed Comcast-NBC Universal merger… for a second time. As B&C’s John Eggerton reports, the Commission says that the two companies filed incomplete answers to the questions it asked.

In separate letters to Comcast and NBCU, Media Bureau Chief Bill Lake said that after its review of the material submitted June 11, the FCC had concluded that the companies “[have] not fully complied with the instructions supplied with the Information Request… In light of the foregoing, we have directed NBCU to review, revise and supplement its responses and associated materials, as necessary, to correct these and any other deficiencies that it uncovers as a result of this review, and submit those responses and associated materials, as so revised and supplemented.”

This is the second time the FCC has stopped the review, which began March 18. The first time was April 16, so that the companies could supply FCC reports on the economics of the deal.