Dylan Ratigan Will Apologize for Losing Temper with Congresswoman

By kevin Comment

ratigan-wasserman_12-18.jpgDylan Ratigan’s interview with Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz went from conversational to heated to ugly earlier today on MSNBC’s “Morning Meeting.” (clip after the jump)

Ratigan brought Wasserman Schultz on to discuss health care legislation and asked her about increases in insurance stock prices “on news that a bill may be passed that mandates the creation of millions of new customers, but does not reform the monopoly structure.”

Both became quickly agitated with the interview.

“Now you’re asking your own questions and answering them. You could be your own guest,” Wasserman Schultz said, after repeatedly complaining about being cut off.

“You should go on a show where you do democrat and republican talking points,” Ratigan said at one point. “Thank you so much. That’s it.”

He ended the interview by saying, “This is a waste of time.”

After his show, Ratigan tweeted, “Will apologize for losing temper. Won’t apologize for challenging lies and misinformation. USA needs apology for destructive false solutions.”