DJ: Dantonio's Heart Attack Is Punishment From God

By Marcus Vanderberg Comment

By now you’ve probably had a chance to see the highlights from the Notre Dame-Michigan State overtime thriller on Saturday.

During the fake field goal called by Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio, the play clock was at :00 before the ball was snapped, upsetting Irish fans as Notre Dame lost 34-31.

But one radio host took his frustration about the loss too far, claiming that “God’s going to get you” if you cheat.

Matt Patrick of the Michiana’s Morning News on WTRC-FM 95.3 in South Bend, Ind. took to YouTube to vent his frustration and had a explanation for why Dantonio suffered a mild heart attack following the game:

“The moral of the story: If you mess around with the Fighting Irish. You cheat on the last play of the game, overtime, and beat the Irish, God’s going to get you.”

The station was immediately flooded with phone calls and e-mails from people offended by his comments. Patrick, who just started at WTRC, quickly issued an apology to Dantonio.

Why did Patrick make the comments in the first place?

“I was trying to be funny,” Patrick told the Detroit Free Press. “Maybe I could’ve chosen my words a little bit differently. I don’t believe God did anything (to Dantonio). And I don’t believe Coach deserved it (the heart attack). I’m not out to shock anybody. This situation, to me, is one where I can step back and say, ‘I should have said it a little bit differently.’ I can take my lumps.”

Those lumps should come in the unemployment line.

You can watch the entire video below: