Did “Blurred Lines” Lead to Shuster Suspension?

By SteveK Comment

shustertv_2-13.jpgTim Cuprisin asks in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, relating to David Shuster‘s suspension at MSNBC, “Why are reporters hosting personality-driven shows?”

One example Cuprisin brings up, besides Shuster, is regarding David Gregory. Gregory filled in during the mornings after Don Imus was fired, then went back to his role as White House correspondent. An opposite example given relates to Keith Olbermann, who, instead of having his personality “turned up” to host shows, has had to turn down the personality while anchoring political coverage.

“Olbermann is an acid-tongued commentator, not an expert on presidential primaries,” Cuprisin writes.

Related: Glenn Garvin in the Miami Herald asks if, at MSNBC, “there’s one rule for reporters and another for $4 million a year hosts?”