Deeper Look at ABC News Cuts

By SteveK Comment

abclogo_4-11.jpgTVNewser broke the story two weeks ago that ABC News would be eliminating as many as 21 jobs in a reorganization of the operations and finance areas. With the addition of new positions the net job loss is 11.

TVNewser recently spoke with one of “the 21,” who asked to remain anonymous. The employee said, “We’re shocked. Morale is a little down. A lot of people have called, though, from other bureaus and there is a support network now.”

ABC senior VP of communications Jeffrey Schneider tells TVNewser, “We’ve been talking for a year that changes are coming. We said we would look at the entire organization from the top to the bottom; every part of ABC News.”

The employee we spoke with also indicated those working in operations will continue until May 30, while those in finance until June 30, unless they land in one of the newly created jobs. “It can be tough to get yourself motivated,” the employee said. “You start a project and you don’t know if you’re going to be there to see it through.”

Schneider tells TVNewser, “None of this is easy, and certainly far less easy for the people directly impacted.”