Daily Show Routs Brian Williams, Nightly News

By kevin Comment

Team R H E
The Daily Show 12 22 5
NBC Nightly News 2 13 5

DS_NBC_SBall_small.jpgLast evening, Jon Stewart and his Daily Show colleagues met NBC’s Brian Williams and the “Most Trusted Team” under the lights of west-side Manhattan for what was built up as one of the great softball games in the pantheon of amateur sports. The game started out promising enough for NBC, whose uniforms and focused warm-up startled the Daily Show squad, which responded with chants of “Ba-sic! Ca-ble!” through part of the first inning.

After accusations of illegal steroid use were leveled by both of the captains, the game got underway with the Daily Show registering a monster first few innings, marked by Ozzie Smith-like infield play from writer Kevin Bleyer and capped off by a grand-slam in the bottom of the 4th by Audio Assistant Dan Blank.

Third in the batting order, third-baseman B Williams went 1-for-1 on a single in the first inning. Second-baseman/Center-fielder/lead-off batter J Stewart went one for three with two fly-outs and a base hit.

It appeared like Nightly News was making a last-minute, 7th inning rally from the skilled top of their batting order, but it was not to be.

After a tough loss, Williams, always a gentleman and on-the-field leader, addressed his fans in this post-game presser with TVNewser. (More photos after the jump.)

Pregame, Stewart led the Daily Show march onto the field chanting: “I don’t know what I just heard, Brian Williams throws like a girl.” Though this was immediately followed by Stewart shouting, “Did you guys bring water? Who’s going to hold my inhaler?”
Stewart and Williams pregame conference.
Williams got a base hit in the 1st inning, but couldn’t be driven home.
Stewart awaits his first pitch, with a spry Williams at the ready covering third.
Stewart doing more taunting from first base.
Some post-game trash-talking/exchanging-of-pleasantries between the two captains.