‘Daily Show’ Producer Who Spotted Hannity Video: ‘Take that, Media Matters!’

By kevin Comment

ramindailyshow11-13.jpgAs Jon Stewart pointed out on his show last night (clip after the jump), it was neither he nor his writers who actually caught the “Hannity” protest footage mix-up that got mocked earlier this week and that Sean Hannity eventually apologized for on-air. It was “Daily Show” Associate Producer Ramin Hedayati who spotted it.

TVNewser got a hold of Hedayati who discussed the segment with us over email:

How’d you spot the Hannity clip?

It appeared to me in a potato chip. No, I was just going through media coverage of Bachmann’s rally for that afternoon’s meeting and noticed the weather change and the enormous size of the crowd. I started yelling “You switched the samples!” at the screen like Harrison Ford in the The Fugitive. I figured someone else would catch it over the weekend but we got lucky. Take that, Media Matters!

What was your reaction to Hannity’s response?

I loved it. It was great to see him own up to a lie and, in doing so, lie about his lie being “inadvertent.” He’s a real talent.

Would you and Sean Hannity get along?

Sure, as long as we don’t talk politics.

Are you a socialist liberal who hates America?

No, just “Hannity’s America.”