Cody Willard’s Life Not Unlike His Job: Pretty Great

By kevin Comment

cody_willard.jpgFox Business Network’s Cody Willard is not just a guy who talks finance in a bar on TV. He also does it in real life. Original TVNewser Brian Stelter profiles “Happy Hour” host Willard’s barhopping with his finance pals in the NYTimes Sunday Styles section:

His evenings on the town with friends like James Altucher, a hedge fund manager and author, and Paul Boni, an executive at a research corporation, can easily resemble segments on “Happy Hour.” First there are predictions about stocks going up or down, followed by good-natured arguments about stimulus spending.

A typical Willard line: “I’m sick to death of the government punishing me for following the rules.” Another: “I hate the Republicans as much as I hate the Democrats.”

The three of them know one another’s market histories the way other friends know one another’s dating records.

It’s not bad being Cody Willard right now. In addition to being in a rock band, apparently spending lots of time in bars, and having quite the head of hair, Willard and his co-hosts often get to leave the regular “Happy Hour” home in the Waldorf-Astoria for fun locales like Miami, the Hamptons, and most recently, Yankee Stadium.