CNN/U.S. Begins Simulcast Of CNN International’s “Your World Today” At Noon

By Brian 

your_world_today.jpgCNN/U.S. will begin simulcasting an hour of CNN’s “Your World Today” beginning at noon. Viewers will see “the leading international stories and issues of the day, from an international perspective,” anchor Zain Verjee tells TVNewser. The program will include American news headlines, but “I think that the pace, the texture, the style, and the depth will offer something a little different,” she said.

tv3.jpgMore: “We spend more time dealing with the deeper issues. For example, the Syrian troop withdrawal from Lebanon — that was a very very big international story, so we’d cover it from the Syrian perspective, from Lebanon’s perspective, from the Arab Street perspective…We allow time to explore the important political and international issues of the day.”

“There is an awful lot more going on in the world that we often have time to cover every day,” CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein said. The simulcast demonstrates, to the audience and the staff, that the network is aware of this fact.

Verjee and co-anchor Jim Clancy anchor the show on CNN International from 11am to 1pm. Perhaps one day both hours will air on CNN/U.S.?…

> Verjee adds: “I hope that there is an appetite for international news. I believe that there is. And I hope that we can deliver it in a way that is intelligent and interesting.”