CNN’s New ‘America Bureau’ Beat

By Brian Comment

CNN’s newly-created “America Bureau” will combine the network’s Justice Department, homeland security and national security beats, David Bohrman announced today. The Washington, D.C.-based unit “will strategically integrate sources, information and contacts to pursue short-term investigations, piecing together comprehensive news stories to examine the state of security in the United States.” Kelli Arena, David Ensor and Jeanne Meserve will become correspondents for the unit, and former acting CIA director John McLaughlin “will offer exclusive analysis” about security issues.

“CNN is fundamentally changing the way we gather and report security news,” Bohrman said in a press release. “As government agencies strive to become more interconnected and open to information sharing, so, too, will our Justice Department, national security and homeland security beats. It allows us to use our award-winning journalists and newsgathering capabilities more strategically, putting together more comprehensive stories with more substantial background information.”

Shirley Hung will serve as executive producer for the America Bureau. This will help with “CNN Security Watch…”