CNN National Report Card: Behind the Scenes at the Reunion

By kevin Comment

Last night, TVNewser went to CNN’s New York studios for the broadcast of “The National Report Card: Second 100 Days.” We were there early and got to speak with a few members of the “best political team on television,” including Gloria Borger and Soledad O’Brien, and the atmosphere was almost giddy. We talked with Campbell Brown just before she went on air about how these big events are like a family reunion. Since the election season—when “CNN =ed Politics”—there has been little opportunity for this whole crew to be in the same room. Brown told us she was particularly thrilled last night, because she had missed the last “National Report Card” special while she was on leave, so it had been too long since she’d seen everyone together. You can read some of our tweets from last night.

We spoke with Wolf Blitzer right after he finished up this segment at the end of “The Situation Room.” He lives for the big events and could barely contain his glee when talking about putting in another two hours on air.


Afterward, David Reisner, CNN’s Digital and 3-D Media Producer, snuck us over to the Magic Wall where we got to check out all the elaborate features and data that Tom Foreman would be playing with later that night. See the rest of the photos after the jump.


Couldn’t resist defacing the Magic Wall with a shout-out to Hollywood, FL.


Once everyone was in place, the political team assembled and started clattering away on their laptops in preparation for the show. We hung back and caught the broadcast from backstage. You can view the final results here.