CNN Eyeing Shakeup at ‘Parker Spitzer?’

By Alex Weprin Comment

The Wall Street Journal’s Sam Schechner reports (Subscription required) that CNN is considering replacing Kathleen Parker on its 8 PM program “Parker Spitzer.”

Parker, of course, co-hosts the show with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

“Parker Spitzer” has failed to catch on with viewers since it debuted in October, delivering ratings that were down compared to what the 8 PM hour typically delivered the year before. Turner Broadcasting chief Phil Kent, who oversees CNN, acknowledged that the show had been disappointing at an investor conference last week, saying:

“We still think that form of show is the right idea for a network like CNN at 8 o’clock, but the execution has not been what we have been happy with up to date,” and adding “It is a work in progress. We are trying to make that show better.”

A CNN spokesperson told Schechner:

“We aren’t going to engage in speculation,” a CNN spokeswoman said. “The show continues to improve and we think it is a good addition to our lineup, providing smart, substantive analysis on the day’s news.”

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that the deal is done, and Parker will be replaced
“any day now,” most likely¬† by former Fox News anchor E.D. Hill or National Review writer Will Cain.