CNN Crosses Paths With Clinton, Grabs Impromptu Interview

By SteveK Comment

clintontv_4-4.jpgWith many politicians and news outlets gathering in Memphis today for the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., their paths are bound to cross.

CNN’s Roland Martin is filing reports throughout the day from the National Civil Rights Museum. Just before 2pmET, Sen. Hillary Clinton arrived at the museum for a tour following her poverty speech. After a conversation between CNN and her communications staffer, Clinton agreed to a short live interview.

CNN’s Bill Schneider had just finished up a report on Michigan’s decision against a democratic re-vote, when Martin began his interview with the senator. After some discussion about the anniversary and poverty, Martin got Clinton’s first reaction to the Michigan news. “Here as we are commemorating Dr. King’s 40th death anniversary, let’s remember that the voting rights act lifted all Americans,” she said.

Soledad O’Brien and Don Lemon are also reporting from Memphis today for CNN.