CNN Alters Promo Audio to Make It Sound Less Left-Leaning

By Chris Ariens Comment

Time‘s Michael Scherer opened a can of worms yesterday when he wrote about a promo he’d seen for CNN’s AC360. In the promo a woman says “I’m a lifelong Democrat … and that’s why I watch Anderson Cooper.” The voice goes on to say that Cooper is the person she can turn to hold “right wing” conservatives accountable.

CooperPromo_10.12.bmpScherer took this to the bank and concluded CNN was airing a promo geared toward a left-leaning audience. He wrote, “If anything, the Anderson Cooper promo is just the latest evidence of what Fox News president Roger Ailes seems to have known long ago: Cable news viewers seem to want an ideological slant to their information.”

Well, Scherer has since corrected the post, because, as a TVNewser reader pointed out yesterday, there was another voice on that promo speaking at the same time — a man who says “I’m a lifelong Republican…and that’s why I watch Anderson Cooper.” But the audio was much lower for the man’s voice than for the woman’s voice.

Well, Mediaite’s Steve Krakauer did some digging and found out CNN re-edited the promo this morning so now the audio is more balanced. CNN’s explanation:

CNN tells us the promo had audio dubbed in stereo, rather than a mono track. The spot has been remixed and is now more clear.

See the newly re-mixed version of the promo, after the jump…