CNBC Launching Movie Night

By Alex Weprin Comment

cnbc120.jpg CNBC is launching a weekly movie night. The financial news network will premiere a number of acquired films on Friday nights throughout the Summer, in what it is calling “CNBC Cinema.”

Among the films it will be showing are The Thomas Crown Affair, Wall Street, The Player and The Last Days of Lehman Brothers.

The programming decision is similar to that made by The Weather Channel late last year, when it added a movie night on Friday evenings. At the time the addition of films to the schedule drew criticism from observers who said it went against The Weather Channel brand.

Earlier this month TWC’s own Jim Cantore criticized the channel when it stuck with a showing of Twister instead of breaking in to coverage of actual tornadoes in Arkansas.

While the films CNBC plans to show all have financial themes, it is similarly off brand for the news network. CNBC has had success with its original documentary features, which often focus on esoteric subject matter, but scripted acquisitions are a whole other ballgame.

“CNBC Cinema” will kick off June 11 at 9 p.m. with The Last Days of Lehman Brothers.