Chris Wallace on Mike Wallace: ‘I Was Very Much Ingrained With This Sense of Hard Work’

By Merrill Knox Comment

Chris-Wallace2In an interview with Parade, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace reflects on the advice he received from his father, the late “60 Minutes” correspondent Mike Wallace. “He had certainly always had advice to give me and most of the time, or at least some of the time, I listened to him,” Wallace said:

The biggest piece of advice he gave me was professionalism. Oddly enough for somebody who ended up as such a superstar, [he] never thought he was all that talented, [and] had serious doubts about his looks. He had grown up with a serious complexion problem, and so he always felt very strongly that you have to outwork the competition. It’s not going to be handed to you, and if you want to be better than somebody else, you got to work harder. I was very much ingrained with this sense of hard work, preparation, especially for interviews. When you’re talking to a mayor or a city councilman or now to a senator or a secretary of state, they’re going to know more about the subject than you are, but you can know enough that you can make it pretty clear to them, pretty quickly, that they can’t spin you, because you’ll capture them.