Chris Hansen Talks Vegas, Twitter And How To Make a $100 Bill

By SteveK Comment

hansen_6-15.bmpNBC’s Chris Hansen joined us today on the Morning Media Menu Tonight to talk about his Dateline special, “Vegas Undercover,” premiering tonight at 10pm.

“This hour…shows what goes on behind the scenes in this town,” said Hansen. “It’s absolutely fascinating. Not only do we catch these people in the act, we get to talk to them afterward.”

Hansen also talked about how new media has impacted what he does. “Sometimes we need to go out there, to Twitter and on the Web, to bring people into our tent,” he said. “That’s an important part of what we do.

Also discussed: the craziest thing viewers will see on the special (involves making a $100 bill), the jailed journalists in North Korea and what is currently false about his Wikipedia page (and why he keeps it that way).

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