“Chaos” Erupts Around CNN Correspondent During Mumbai Live Shot

By Chris Ariens Comment

CNNMumbai_11.27.bmpIn the second day of the siege in Mumbai, some members of the media are finding themselves in the middle of local anger. CNN’s Sara Sidner is the network’s New Delhi correspondent. Sidner was reporting about the situation at the Taj Hotel when several locals began interrupting her live shot. Sidner would later report, “As we were standing outside a large group of people came around, many of them young, with the smell of alcohol on their breath, frankly. They were standing very, very close and suddenly chaos erupted.”

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Sidner joined CNN last November when the network expanded its operations in the subcontinent.

Last night, because of the holiday, many cable network anchors were already scheduled off, but at least one returned to anchor the breaking news from India…

• FNC’s Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren did not anchor their shows last night. Alan Colmes anchored the breaking news for H&C and at the top of the pre-taped On the Record while Julie Banderas anchored an update at the top of the pre-taped O’Reilly Factor.

• CNN’s Campbell Brown and Anderson Cooper were off. Tom Foreman filled in on Brown’s show and Erica Hill subbed for Cooper. Interestingly, Larry King, who was scheduled to be off (Joy Behar was set to fill) returned to work and began his show with, “Good evening. This is not what we planned tonight. Here is the latest from Mumbai.”

• MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow both hosted their shows live at 8pmET and 9pmET and included the breaking news and domestic news of the day, but mostly sticking with their regular format and segments.