Cavuto Back On-Air After Surgery: “So Many Of You Were So Concerned, You Stunned Me”

By Alissa Krinsky Comment

Cavuto FNC.jpgFox News Channel/Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto returned to the airwaves today for the first time since June 24.

As he told viewers at the close of this afternoon’s Your World, he has been recovering from throat surgery, “and as you probably hear [from his voice], I’m not quite the better of that surgery. It is a complication of my Multiple Sclerosis.”

Cavuto thanked viewers who had written to ask about his absence:

“My travails, I’m sure, pale in comparison to many of your own. Still, so many of you were so concerned, you stunned me… Quite literally, you left me speechless. In fact, for the last six weeks or so, I was largely that: speechless. I could not talk. Can you imagine that? Me, unable to speak, or argue, about anything, to anyone…So I listened a lot. And I learned a lot.

“I guess I was most touched by those of you who said I had simply become family, and you missed me. I am very grateful for that. Even though my voice is back I’m still something else: speechless.”