Carrey vs. Campbell Over Vaccination

By SteveK Comment

carrey_4-22.jpgHollywood star Jim Carrey writes today on The Huffington Post about the vaccination/autism connection, a topic he and longtime girlfriend Jenny McCarthy (whose son suffered from autism) frequently speak out about.

The framing of Carrey’s post is a commentary by CNN’s Campbell Brown (currently out on maternity leave), who said in February: “As a mother, with a second child on the way, I believe this is vital to the safety of our children and must be said. The verdict is in. There is no connection between vaccines and autism. And it is time that all of us get our children vaccinated.”

Carrey writes that Brown’s commentary was “a huge leap of logic,” and puts forth a lengthy argument against the current vaccination schedule. Carrey has mentioned Brown’s comments before — during an April 2 appearance on the program following Brown’s, Larry King Live. “We want to get really clear right now,” said Carrey. “There’s a lot of misdirection going on. We hear the Campbell Browns and people like this that are saying, you know, you can’t not vaccinate. No one has ever suggested not vaccinating.”

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