C-SPAN Lays Out Convention Plans

By SteveK Comment

cspan_8-19.JPGC-SPAN has announced their convention plans, and they’re going gavel-to-gavel. Some highlights from the release:

• C-SPAN coverage begins at 7amET every day, and continues until the conventions close for the night at 11pmET.

• C-SPAN 2 will cover the Republican Platform Meetings taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday of the DNC convention and Ron Paul’s rally during the Republican convention.

• Video clips on the C-SPAN Web site will be embeddable.

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All C-SPAN outlets — television networks, online, and radio — will feature two weeks of comprehensive convention coverage, providing viewers with the only gavel-to-gavel coverage of the party nominating process for the 2008 conventions. Viewer calls and reactions to the events of the day will follow each day’s floor coverage.

A new feature this year includes the debut of C-SPAN’s online Convention Hub at www.c-span.org/politics. This site will make embeddable C-SPAN convention video available for online use.

C-SPAN, covering its seventh presidential election cycle, will begin its live coverage Sunday, August 24th with the Democratic National Convention from Denver, continuing through Friday, August 29th. Live coverage of the Republican National Convention from St. Paul begins on Sunday, August 31st and concludes Friday, September 5th.

Programming highlights include:

C-SPAN: The Complete Convention Coverage

C-SPAN’s Live convention coverage will begin each morning with Washington Journal at 7:00 AM (ET). Convention delegates and elected officials from Denver and Minneapolis will participate, with viewer calls. Coverage will continue throughout the day from both conventions and feature interviews with newsmakers and journalists covering the proceedings.

C-SPAN will cover both convention floor proceedings live each night from the open gavel to the closing speeches, beginning Monday, August 25th at 6:00 PM (ET) for the Democratic Convention, and Monday September 1st at 3:30 PM (ET) for the Republican Convention.

C-SPAN is the only television network providing gavel to gavel coverage of the 2008 party conventions.

C-SPAN 2: Prime Time Convention Town Hall

C-SPAN 2 will be the network’s Prime Time Convention Town Hall and will feature key event highlights and viewer phone calls and reaction to the latest news from the campaigns.

In addition to airing other notable 2008 campaign events taking place around the country, C-SPAN 2 will air the Republican Platform Meetings live Tuesday, August 26 from 1:30 to 7:00 PM (ET), and Wednesday, August 27 from 9:00 AM to 7:00 pm (ET).

The network will also feature coverage from Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic, scheduled in Minneapolis from August 31 – September 2.

C-SPAN.ORG/POLITICS: More Blogs, More Video, More Access

C-SPAN’s “Convention Hub,” at www.c-span.org/politics, will serve as an Internet convention resource, connecting users to video of C-SPAN’s convention coverage. The web site is designed to track coverage of the political blogosphere and social media, while making embeddable C-SPAN convention video available for online use. Convention Hub will also provide users the ability to choose specific convention events, giving users an on-demand style of convention programming.

Convention Hub is slated to launch at: www.c-span.org/politics later this week, just prior to the start of the two political party conventions. (The actual URLs for each site will be www.c-span.org/politics/DNC08 and www.c-span.org/politics/RNC08 and can be accessed off www.c-span.org/politics).

Convention Hub features include:

Real-time tracking of credentialed state and national political bloggers, aggregated on the websites, to enable users to follow the latest online convention news and analysis;

Video clips from the network’s convention coverage, embeddable, to facilitate use by political bloggers and other convention watchers;

Linkable access to the complete C-SPAN Video Library, allowing interested users to fully search all C-SPAN video content;

Live coverage of C-SPAN television and radio networks;
Blogger Tips and Online Convention Video Finder tools;
Real-time feeds from Twitter users using the hash-tags #RNC08 and #DNC08

(The Convention Hubs will be live later this week )

C-SPAN Radio, available on XM Satellite Radio Channel 132, will simulcast the television network’s coverage and viewer call-ins, providing listeners with another opportunity to stay informed.