Brian Williams’ Personal Connection to Tucson

By Chris Ariens Comment

NBC’s Brian Williams, who anchored three of his newscasts as well as a “Dateline” special from Tucson this week, speaks to the the Arizona Daily Star about his time in the city following last Saturday’s tragedy. Williams has a connection to Arizona. His late brother David lived in Tucson and was TV critic for the Star as well as President of the Arizona Bar Foundation. Another brother, Richard, also lived in Tucson and made his living as a builder.

Q. How does the scene here compare to other tragedies you’ve covered?

A. Tragedies are unique. I’d give anything not to have chronicled so many of them. My fear for Tucson is that the name of such a great place will be connected to a vile act. The Oklahoma City bombing is an example of how a community can become linked to tragedy by name, and yet – like Tucson – it’s a terrific place to live.

Williams says his four days in Tucson, “made me vow to come back with my wife – after the city recovers from the initial sadness – to enjoy ourselves and visit with some of the people I’ve met here.”